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About Us

Rekindle Talents – A non-for-profit organisation commenced activities in Ireland on the 11th November 2011 (11.11.11). This desire to rekindle talents in our community started in 1994 in The Gambia. It was realised that many vibrant young ones has the willingness and hunger for education, but lack of necessary financial resources which is the pre-requisite to exploring other opportunities was an issue and big huddle to fulfilment of people potentials.

Dotun Adegbesan gives free counselling and single-handedly sponsored education of identified unnoticed-talents that comes his way. The concept of enriching the community through the realisation of their inherent potentials was conceived. My African background influenced my concern for "dying talents" all over the world who can not fulfil their potentials. I have the privilege and opportunity to fulfil my potentials though not on a "platter of gold". It is now time to give back to the community- one of the best way to enrich our community is to rekindle talents. Our strategic plan is basically to source for necessary tools and resources required to "bring out the best out of people with great potentials but less or no privilege"

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds”, that is the idea behind formation of Rekindle Talents.

Our team, consisting of “Talents” working to Rekindle Talents, and enriching our community are professionals in different fields of life. They are ensuring that our customised fundraising activity “ON MY DAY” is working well for our community project.

We promote (non-political and non-religious) fundraising activities in support of initiatives or project that address societal problem associated with poverty alleviation. The spirit of “giving back” to the community especially on your day is fundraising scheme adopted to fund:

• RT project – securing mobility aids for people with post-polio syndrome in Nigeria
• Others - individual initiated community projects
- Organisational community projects
- Group community projects
- Collaborative community projects

You can donate to support any active initiatives or projects. Please check our project page for details.

RT welcomes volunteers who are available on a regular, one-off or intermittent basis. You can “rekindle talents” with us by getting involve directly or indirectly. Please contact us via email to find out how you can be involved.

RT organise workshops, conferences and seminars with positive expected outcome of addressing societal issues and rekindling dying potentials in our community. We believe in cooperation of minds as a major phenomenon for human capacity building.

RT can provide you with experience team for your organisation’s community events directed towards promoting a better society.


Rekindle Talents


+353 899 634 302
+353 1694 8484
+44 7459 593 733


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