About Us

At Rekindle Talent

At Rekindle Talent, our mission is to identify unnoticed talents or fading capabilities and promote and encourage those identified-talents to fulfill their potential. We seek to provide resources and funding for the benefit of people without or with limited necessary capacity to fulfill their dreams, and to assist and complement the efforts of other agencies and organizations in rekindling unnoticed talents.

We are a Social Enterprise that was officially registered in Ireland on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), but our passion for rekindling talents started in 1994 in The Gambia.

Our founder, Dotun Adegbesan, recognized the willingness and hunger for education among vibrant young people but also saw that a lack of necessary financial resources was a hurdle to fulfilling their potential. Dotun provided free counseling and single-handedly sponsored the education of identified unnoticed talents that came his way, inspiring the concept of enriching the community through the realization of inherent potentials.

Rekindle Talents was founded to give back to the community and enrich it by sourcing the necessary tools and resources required to “bring out the best out of people with great potentials but less or no privilege.” Our team consists of professionals in different fields of life, working to rekindle talents and enrich our community. We believe that “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds,” and that is the idea behind the formation of Rekindle Talents.


One of our customised fundraising activities is “ON MY DAY,” which is designed to work well for our community project. We invite you to join our team and become a part of our mission to rekindle talents and help young people reach their full potential. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young people in underserved communities.


(Reg. No: 529031)
MGB Building,
Base Enterprise Centre,
Damastown Road, Dublin
D15 EPP4, Republic of Ireland